Veres Zoltán

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One of the most colourful names in European aviation today.
Zoltan has accumulated more than 19,000 flying hours in more than a 120 different types of aircraft ranging from Russian aerobatic radial engine single seat aircraft to ultra-modern Boeing airliners. He is a Graduate of the College of Aviation with a degree in aircraft engineering. He holds every possible type of licenses in aviation including airline pilot licence, float planes, test pilot and is amongst the very few pilots authorized to fly surface level aerobatics. He is also a legal expert in aviation matters.

Zoltan started his aerobatic career in 1988 flying the Zlin-50 and since then his long list of accomplishments includes the team Bronze in the World Aerobatic Championships and the Advanced Overall European Champion title. 5 times Guinness World Recorder, among his records he established a Guinness World Record in 2007 executing 408 continuous rolls. He flies 45-50 airshows per year with more than 2.5 million spectators in attendance.

Zoltan carries his daredevil adventures beyond the cockpit, racing motorcycles, cars, MIG fighters and airliners. Two of his famous stunts are the inverted ribbon cut 10 feet above ground and the 3 snaproll at about the same height. His favourite aircraft is the MXS. This is the #6 plane was produced by MXR Technologies. This fantastic high performance aircraft will enable him to develop even more incredible stunts and aerobatic sequences to “Wow” the crowd.

The plane weighs 560 kg, powered by a 8000 cc Lycoming engine. The engine is tuned to perfection by Lycon, delivers 350HP. The MXS is made out of carbon, the rollrate is 420 degree/sec, the top speed is 420 km/h, and plus / minus 12 G-force are the structural limits. When Zoltan’s feet are on the ground he loves hiking in nature and to play with his antique motor cycles, riding his 1954 BMW or his Velorex if the forecast says rain…